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Deli Towne USA

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3650 Lakeside Dr, Reno

(775) 826-4466   •  website

When you tell a Reno newbie about this place, there sometimes is mild consternation. “Great sandwiches from a gas station? What the heck?” Well, leave those preconceptions at the door, because this Lakeside long-timer delivers the goods and then some. Opened in 1993 in a modest space, it has since tripled in size and offerings. Sizes of sandwich range from small to the infamous “monster.” A deli case features grab-n-go options, and there also are soups and salads on offer. Here’s to the little guy (or the “monster” in this case).

3650 Lakeside Drive


669 S. Virginia St.


Laughing Planet Cafe
Two locations in Reno

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